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Project News

POWER PLANT (updated June 2022)

As part of ongoing efforts to optimize the Project with the latest technology and minimize the impact to the community, environment and wildlife, we are introducing modifications to the previously approved Project layout. The modifications, described in detail below, are considered minor and will reduce the overall impact of the Project.

Consequently, we are updating our Participant Involvement Program (PIP) and have mailed a Project specific information package to stakeholders with 2000 m of the project boundary. In our efforts to exceed minimum consultation requirements and to and to stay consistent with our engagement approach from 2016-2017, we are maintaining the 2000 m notification zone, as opposed to the 1500 m required in the new Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) rule 007.

The package included the following:

Over the next few weeks, we will be reaching out directly to stakeholders within 800 m of the Project boundary to discuss the updated Project and answer any questions or concerns regarding the changes that were made.

We are currently preparing a Proposal for Minor Alterations to address these changes which we plan to file with the AUC in early summer 2022 with an anticipated approval in Q3 2022. Construction could start as early as Q3 2022 with a target Commercial Operations Date of Q3 2024.

All documents are available for review on our Project Documents page.


We have selected a new turbine manufacturer and model. The new turbine model, the Nordex N155, will have a slightly higher hub height and a larger rotor diameter, as well as a higher rated capacity. This allows us to significantly reduce the number of turbines installed while maintaining the same Project capacity, thereby minimizing the overall impact.

We have eliminated 45 turbines and associated access roads and collector system components from the Project layout. Remaining turbine locations will move slightly but will remain within 100m of their previously approved location, and associated collector system components and access roads will be adjusted accordingly to reduce impacts to the land and sensitive features.

Turbines with aviation warning lights will be equipped with light mitigation technology. More details on the mitigation technology will be provided once the various technologies have been evaluated and final selection has been made.

We have completed new noise impact and shadow flicker assessments for the proposed layout changes. The updated noise impact assessment includes sound emissions from nearby existing and approved energy facilities. Noise levels at receptors remain below the Permissible Sound Levels in AUC Rule 012: Noise Control. The updated shadow flicker assessment results confirm that the Project remains well under the recommended limits. Please refer to the Noise and Shadow Flicker Contour Map for more details.

Visual simulations have been updated are available for review on our Project Documents page.


The previously approved Forty Mile 516S Substation will remain in same location and will still comprise three 240kV-34.5kV main power transformers. Each main power transformer may have a slightly higher rating than the previously approved size, though this will be determined during detailed design.

The temporary laydown yard has moved two miles north to NW, 35, 10, 10, 4 for easier access just south of Highway 3. The Project will also have up to five permanent meteorological towers, though the final locations of these towers have not yet been determined. More information will be provided once the locations have been determined.


The Forty Mile Wind Project will now be built in two phases. Phase 1 could start construction as early as late summer or fall 2022 on a select few access roads with full mobilization in 2023 and comprise 49 turbines for a total generation capacity of 279.3 MW. The AESO Interconnection process for Phase 2 of the Project will be initiated shortly to connect Phase 2 to the previously approved Forty Mile 516S Substation. We anticipate starting construction on Phase 2 in Spring of 2024 and it will comprise 21 turbines for a total capacity of 119.7 MW.

The two phases are represented on the Updated Project Layout Map


Finally, since the Project received its AUC Approval in 2018, the ownership of the Project has changed. The Forty Mile Wind Power Project is now owned by RES Forty Mile Wind LP as represented by its general partner RES Forty Mile Wind GP Corp. RES Forty Mile GP Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of RES.


RES has applied to the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) for transmission system access to connect the Forty Mile Wind Power Plant to the AIES.  A Connection Project Update Newsletter was mailed in April to stakeholders located within 800 m of the Connection Project and consultation activities remain ongoing. An application for approval to construct and operate the Connection Project (the 20 km transmission line) will be submitted to the AUC in Q2 of 2022.

Consultation materials can be found on our Project Documents Page.